A Care Guide For Wooden Furniture

REME Aug 09, 2019

Wooden furniture is a timeless classic and a popular choice in furnishings all over the world. These beautiful pieces of art are suitable for almost all the different interior decoration themes out there. You could use an antique wooden chair for your vintage item, or a color pop sleek wood sofa for a contemporary décor; if you are a lover of the exotic, you can easily find lovely choices in traditional wooden chowki online to furnish your living room with a bit of ethnic Indian furniture as well.

A Care Guide For Wooden Furniture

Undoubtedly, furniture in wood looks gorgeous. But, you need to maintain these pieces to ensure that they do not lose their shine and charm. Here are seven tips to keep your wood furniture to make them look new forever.

Always Keep It Dust Free

When your furniture looks clean and shiny, so does your entire room. Regular and proper dusting is crucial to ensure that there is no dust resting over your precious furniture that brings down its polish. It is best to use a dry and soft cotton cloth to wipe away the dust off your chairs, sofas, tables, or other wooden pieces you have in your home. It is not possible to dust daily. As a practice, you could do a complete dusting of your entire collection bi-monthly.

Exposure To Sunlight Is Harmful

Wooden furniture may look tough, but it sure is delicate when it comes to exposure to sunlight for extended periods. Such exposure can lead to “spotting,” which is visible with dark and bright spots over the cross-section of your wood pieces. Use a tablecloth on tables to protect them from excessive sunlight exposure.

Wooden Furniture Ages – Let It

A Care Guide For Wooden Furniture

So, you bought a wooden chowki online, and now it has started to appear darker than before. It is natural for wood pieces to look more mysterious as time goes by. In such a case, let it do so. Such aging will only add more grace and character to your furniture.

The Right Temperature Matters

It is best to never create contact between extremely sharp or hot objects and your wood furniture surface. Such purposes can leave unwanted markings on the surface and ruin the original smooth texture of it. Always use coasters or tablemats to avoid such instances.

Anything Sharp Is Bad

Sharp objects can create scratches and unwanted marks on the surface of these bespoke pieces. It is best to keep sharp objects away.

Regular Oiling And Waxing Is Crucial

A great way to maintain the shiny texture of the wood is by waxing and oiling it regularly. Oil and wax add a layer of protection as well.

Always Clean With Warm Water

Using warm water and mild soap together to clean the furniture surface is good to wipe away the excess dust. Just be careful not to allow the excess water to rest over it for long. This extra moisture can be cleaned away by another dry and soft cloth.

A Care Guide For Wooden Furniture

Be it the wood bench you purchased from the neighborhood store, or the wooden chowki online you bought recently, these tips work like magic for all.