Eco-Friendly Organic Tote Cotton Handbags for Women

REME Apr 20, 2020

The word tote literally means ‘to carry’. A tote bag is more about being used functionally. It has more space and folds and pockets to hold more stuff. To be taken along when you are out for shopping. Or to carry your essentials like books or some utility or belongings to your art class or gym.

Tote bags were first introduced in the early 1900s in the US and shot up to popularity in the 1940s. It changed in terms of the style and appearance over the years but the basic form remained the same, other than the temporary fusions that took place intermittently.

Characteristically, totes are on-purpose large in shape and have broad openings. These have drawn-out bag handles that can sit on shoulders easily and get you an easy movement.

Women White and Red Cotton Tote Bag (NINA2)

Tote bags have evolved with time to serve various lifestyle and utility needs. It is taking up more sensible and niche roles now to serve various perspectives and agendas of fashion.

Now as we move more towards sustainable fashion, there is a class of customers for totes that opt only for organic and eco-friendly fashion. Organic tote bags take up to this trend quite approvingly adopting the sustainable traits and these are doing great at the storefronts.

These are consciously created to take up more environmentally favorable choices at clothing and lifestyle. These are made with organic cotton and are dyed naturally. Thus, making sure that it delivers well to work with organic and sustainable fashion choices that the world is increasingly looking to adopt now for good.

  • Organic Cotton Tote Bags Are Catching Trends

People now know that leathers and synthetics are not the best choices for the environment. Anything organic is in the trends lately. Therefore, cotton handbags for ladies are a fad in motion. Organic cotton tote bags respond to this idea quite well and allow users to go by practical and stylish options as a carry bag.

Embroidered Cotton Tote Bag For Women (NITTY2)

Unlike what is popular about organic cotton tote bags, these are available in exhaustive designs and styles. Organic cotton tote bags not just endorse the right material but also pick the right fashion. You can have designer cotton tote bags created in various designs and patterns. You can select from rare embroideries, vibrant prints, traditional motifs, diverse sequences, and trendy art – in different color and texture options. These are going great with different choices of a tote bag like knitting bag, beach tote, book bag, shopping or a traveling bag, and are catching high on trends.

  • The Bag of All Seasons

Organic cotton tote bags take up to all the ways and ideas of progressive fashion. These look great as you carry them to your Yoga or Zumba classes and look equally relevant when you are out for shopping. You can team it up with any dress you wear, maybe a saree, Kurti, leisurewear, or any western outfits for women. These look progressive and effective as they take up modern fashion that is more attached to natural traits of lifestyle. Also, these promote comfortable fashion that can be carried along anywhere with ease.

Embroidered Tote Bag for Women (NITTY)

Designer cotton tote bags are good for any purpose – just moving out, hopping around, day trips or long-distance travel. Take these to play or work, and you will have the same great results. These bags are available in fashionable, classic, and ethnic designs to just go with any mood and feel that hangs around.

  • Skin-friendly and Breathable Fashion

Organic cotton tote bags promote organic fashion that is not just good for the environment but for skin and health too. These are purely based on 100% natural cotton and follow an all-organic policy at production. If you have been using other artificial or processed material bags you can feel the difference it creates in terms of comfort and ease, quite clearly.

Red and White 100% Cotton Tote Bag For Women (Leaf Bag)

Also, eco-friendly tote bags are made of chemical-free dyes that have no evil effect on skin or any side-effect to health. Going with the collection for eco-friendly handbags in India, you can find a profuse range of cotton tote bags doing the prime act of styling taking its keynotes from skin-friendly and breathable fashion.


Organic cotton tote bags are in trend as they choose the holistic traits of fashion that take care of the environment while going with the fashion timeline. Original cotton references, natural dyes, progressive styling choices, and versatile color and design agreements, make it pertinent to the current era. So, you can opt for evolved women’s fashion taking up sustainable lifestyle choices in the way you carry yourself and your belongings with a tote!