Explore Made in India Eco-Friendly Organic Clothing Collection

REME Jun 10, 2020

After the much prevalent anti-import sentiments rising against China, people realize the long-established point of the economic invasion and dependency that has been hounding the Indian economy for decades. Now, as we are more towards pursuing the idea of self-reliance and self-production, our strength lies in self-depended practices of manufacturing, trade, and commerce. As indigenous products are economical, easily available, generate employment for our people, and contribute to the notational GDP.

And this gets to be an even bigger contributor to the national wealth and welfare if these practices take up the eco-friendly and organic choices of supplies and creation.

Well, with time, there are a greater number of people and businesses coming towards to support this idea of community wellbeing and holistic good.

In the segment of clothing, conscious efforts being made taking up aware roles to create organic and sustainable clothes that are made with pure indigenous supplies and involving local efforts.

This is impacting the change in a great way and replacing the overhyped imported and artificial clothing with more sensible products that serve a larger value and purpose of national wellbeing and reputation.

Made in India organic clothing collection

REME Lifestyle has been creating organic fashion that is served by homegrown arrangements and local resources. The business is consciously working towards utilizing renewable resources and material supplies, applying self-contained efforts. The sustainable policies of the company promote all-natural recyclable material and zero-chemical applications in production.

Red Lurex Cotton Embroidered Party Wear Long Dress (Sarah)

They emphasize on the use of eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics that leave no impact on nature and have organic benefits to offer to its wearers. They have been working around the clothing line created with naturally derived original cotton, rayon, linen, silk, viscose, and other organic fibers.

These products are free from complex treatments, artificial chemicals, and dyes that carry harmful toxins and agents. The clothing products at REME are only created with the supplies that are sourced and processed in their procurement facility. With nothing imported and sourced from any outside business. They are allowing it to create just the domestically produced organic products to represent best the idea of Swacha and Swadesi that is influencing the Indian manufacturing scenes lately.

A large collection of the finest Indian produces

They have a thoughtfully created collection of dresses that get you the best value offered through high-quality organic clothes made in India. With them, you can find casual wear, party dresses, workwear, festive outfits, and dresses for different occasions in a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns. As an Indian sustainable clothing brand, REME Lifestyle keeps its production processes all served by environment-friendly and green practices to produce pro-Indian organic clothing, which is gaining a viable demand today in the global market.

Natural Linen Sleeveless Flared Dress for Women (Gunni)

The business adopts the Indian traditional couture crafts and art forms and takes inspiration from the Indian cultures and lifestyle factors to create high-quality aboriginal Indian designs. Most of the dressed produced by REME Lifestyle is designed and crafted manually. These clothes have beautiful hand-embroidery, feature designs, block prints, patchwork, and stitchery art eminently done on them by skilled Indian craftsmen. These follow standardized practices and expert techniques served by capable Indian talent working in-house.

These are the efforts that are taking Indian fashion to different corners of the world. All forming alliances with high-end production practices, collaborating with sustainable and eco-friendly clothing choices, make the virtuous idea of organic clothing in India a popular affair worldwide.