Furnish Your Home Interiors With These Traditional Furniture Classics

admin Apr 23, 2019

Everyone these days wants to make their home the most fascinating place for themselves. Undoubtedly, furniture plays an important role in defining the overall look of a house’s interior. Be it a sofa, chair, table or a TV stand, everything has its own utility & elegance. However, there are certain items which are unique & add a traditional touch to your interiors. These are totally different from a sofa, bed or a chair & offer similar comfort & utility.

Let’s take a look at them.

Wooden Jute Knitted Bench


A wooden jute knitted bench is a great accessory which offers a comfortable seating option. It gives a classic Indian traditional touch to your interiors. Wooden benches are available in various designs & color combinations to perfectly match the interiors of your home. They can be placed anywhere in the house like a drawing room, living room, guest room or even bedroom. Jute ropes are very strong & handle heavy weights & tension without any issues.

Wooden Jute Knitted Bench

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The wood used in these benches is of high quality & strength so that it does not break & get damaged easily. If you want to keep them out in your balcony or veranda, then you can definitely go for it. Overall, Wooden Knitted Jute Benches are an ideal choice for utility, comfort & traditional elegance.

Wooden Knitted Jute Cot / Chaarpai


We all know how comfortable a traditional chaarpai is. Everybody must have spent some time resting on these cots in their homes or villages. Wooden cots are still in trend in rural areas where elderly people love spending leisure time on it. Jute knitted chaarpais are very comfortable & have their own charm.

Jute Knitted Charpai

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They can be kept outside in the veranda or on the lawn to relax in the evenings or sleep at night. Wooden Jute Cots are built with high-quality wood frame & jute knitting which can handle enough weight. Jute Cots are available in different color combinations & designs to suit your personal style.

Wooden Knitted Jute Chowki


Chowkis can be found in almost every Indian home. They are one of the most versatile furniture items which are also compact. Wooden Knitted Jute Chowkis are created with durable furniture frame & Jute ropes. They can be kept inside a small storeroom or any concealed space as they occupy less space.

Jute Knitted Chowki

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Children can easily sit on these Chowkis & it can also be used in worship rooms where you need to sit low. It is also comfortable for people who have a problem sitting on high chairs or sofas. Overall, they make a great utility item for your home.

These were some trendy & classic furniture products that you can keep in your home to enhance the beauty & utility. All these products are available on the Reme Lifestyle at affordable prices. Order now!