Home Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Bright This Baisakhi

REME Apr 13, 2020

Baisakhi is the festival to rejoice the abundance of the spring harvest. It is about bringing the limitless enormity and richness of nature to be reveled by people in the form of auspicious symbols and decorations. It profusely features the yellow color in various ways and forms to acknowledge the plentifulness of the spring festival.

Sure, you too must be looking to cherish this festive time in your distinct way. As we all are at home this time and avoiding moving out all this while, you should be taking up to the indoor celebrations decorating your homes yellow and bright!

So, what can you do to add to the vibrance of Baisakhi at your home? Here are some of the interesting décor ideas to make your home bright and vivacious to reveal great celebrations at home.

  • Hanging Yellow Drapes

Drapes are quick and chic adornments for home. It takes the least time and skills to put these on. And they are available in a lot of styles and patterns which allow you to easily match these with your arrangements. Also, drapes get you a fuller décor feel and you don’t have to do much to support it in terms of presentation. So, get your yellow drapes hung in a style that goes with your choice of house-draping to amuse your way to Baisakhi celebrations.

Home Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Bright This Baisakhi

  • Striking Cushion and Table Covers

Now as you are trying every trick to get the Baisakhi festival feel home, make sure you arrange for suiting table linens and cushion covers too. To get the theme more prevalent and striking you need to gleam up your seating area. You can try traditionally themed and ethnically styled covers, preferably something yellowish. Maybe something featuring those mirrors and beads all along the embroidered motifs suiting the mood of your room. This is surely going to fill your place with the festive surge!

Machine Embroidered Velvet Yellow Color Set of 3 Cushion Cover

  • Decorative Flowers

You can’t have the Baisakhi element gleaming without bringing the flowers into your décor scenes. Flowers play an inseparable role in bringing that copious spring feel on – which represents the very idea of this festival. You can pick from a wide assortment of flowers to suit your home décor ideas and the act of presentation. Mostly, people choose to go with yellow and orange flowers on this occasion. If you think you need more options in colors, fragrances, and depictions, you have your way to go with Baisakhi decoration ideas online.

Home Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Bright This Baisakhi

  • Rangoli Art

Rangolis are the Indian way of expressing joy for festivals and welcoming the good omen. This traditional décor art is prevalent across cultures in the country. As we celebrate festivals and occasions going by our innate cultural roles and rituals, rangolis take a central role in adding to the vibe and vesture of the festivities. Take up rangoli decoration on Baisakhi to make the whole event even more graceful and beautiful. You can pick ideas from various designs and patterns available online in the form of YouTube Vlogs and Pinterest catalogs – to bring it on in your style!

Home Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Bright This Baisakhi


Make sure you bring positive vibes home this Baisakhi, making the most of these home décor ideas for the living room and drawing area. As you celebrate the festival and live up to its charm in an ever-vibrant style breaking the odds of the lockdown.