How Buying Solid Wood Furniture is the New Way to Act Eco-Friendly!

REME May 13, 2020

Just like your style of dressing tells about your personality, the way you decorate your home reveals how you are as a person. The style you adopt at furnishing, your choice of colors, the way you present it, and the style you choose to go with represents your thought process and perception as an individual.

If you visit an artist at his house you get to see more of an artistic arrangement and craftily designed setup. On the contrary, if you see a capitalist’s drawing space layout, you will see the furniture and décor to have more to do with power and material riches. Everything from the choice to the way the furniture is designed, furnished, arranged, and placed has to tell a lot about the owner’s identity and persona.

Talking of personalities, being eco-friendly is the most attractive virtue in today’s time. If you are a person who loves to be around nature and care for the environment or see yourself taking that route, you should go with organic solid wood furniture.

The traits of wooden furniture built with all-natural material is a perfect supply for a home that promotes sustainable living. The organic virtues of a consciously created wood-based furniture is a great way to get eco-friendly with your choice of life at home.

Here are the ways a solid wood organic furniture gets you to commit to eco-friendly life and personality goals:

  • It is Good For Your Health

Anything that is made organically through natural material is easy on life. It does not have harmful effects that artificial products with processed material and dyes have.

While you use your furniture at home you live with it. You lie down on your sofa, relax on your organic cot, eat on your tables, play around, receive guests, and spend time watching series or talking for hours around your furniture.

Brown and White Cotton Dori Knitted Charpai

The organically made wooden furniture protects you from various health hazards like skin irritation, hormonal imbalance, and in worst cases cancer. It is good with your kids around and you can always trust the ecologically built furniture to grant you all the goodness of heath you need.

  • It Heals You Outside And Inside

It’s all connected. When you are in a good company, you have a holistic effect on your body, soul, and mind. Be it a friend or furniture.

Grey and Pink Cotton Dori Knitted Chowki

So, having organic furniture at home is not just related to physical health but also about getting healed mentally. The texture and feel of organic wood and the allied material that go in the making of wood-based furniture soothe and compose your mind. Everything that is derived and made naturally heals your system against the toxic overdose of artificial things that surround you. And you can see visible effects coming in gradually!

  • It Has Minimum Carbon Footprints

When you are opting for home wooden furniture, you are contributing to the environment for all good reasons. Solid wood furniture built sustainably has the least impact on nature’s cycle and doesn’t leave a negative impact on its resources.

Grey and White Handmade Wooden Bench Knitted with Cotton Dori

As you buy solid wood furniture in India with conscious suppliers who sustainably source woods at renewable capacity and follow all conscious practices to produce organic furniture, you get to endorse the ecological virtues as a user. This helps you to contribute towards the sustainability goals of the society and environment at large and that fairly reflects in your personality.

  • It Is Your Life-long Friend

Solid wood lasts long. It requires the least maintenance and upkeep measures unlike in the case of metal or any other material. You just need to protect it from termites which requires one-time solution proofing to be done.

You can get it built with different wood supplies like Teak, Bamboo, Wicker, Rattan, Mago, Sheesham, Lumber, and Acacia. The recyclable and reusable properties of the naturally-derived material offer abundant organic goodness. The home wooden furniture made of solid wood stays there for long and do not degrade and deform easily. You can always give your wooden furniture a new look from time to time. So, it is a one-time investment and you get value for your money. Besides, of course, a lifetime companion for your home!


When you are looking to buy eco-friendly furniture for your home to suit your conscious way of lifestyle and personality, get it with the supplier that knows the progressive ecological mindset and the modern needs of people.

REME Lifestyle is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers offering quality solid wood furniture to suit different interior requirements and home styling preferences. Here, you have options to buy furniture online or going to the retail store and pick your choice of furniture that is created all-sustainably. Allowing you to get your way to act eco-friendly at home and heart!