How To Choose Furniture For Small Spaces

REME Aug 02, 2019

Small spaces might not be as easy to decorate as their larger in size counterparts. However, with the right choice of interior design, furniture, and décor, you will be able to turn your available area into a conversation starter and maybe, create an illusion of a larger space within the confines of a smaller room. When it comes to choosing furniture for small spaces to designing small interiors, here are a few smart tips and tricks that will keep you going strong in the right direction:

Avoid Multiple Statement Pieces

It is best to stick to small-sized furniture that does not make the room look congested. The right size of furniture for a small room is one that does not block your view. There are so many options you can choose from – glass tables, hand-knitted chowki or stools, bookcases with one-side open, and slender chairs.

How To Choose Furniture For Small Spaces

Skinny Is Where It Is At

A great choice of trim and sleek fit styles is ideal for small spaces. When you are selecting a sofa, always look for one with skinny arm-rests and an upholstered back that is not fluffy. Big couches with puffy arm-rests and inflated back-rests will only make your living area look stuffier.

For the dining room, always pick dining chairs that have long and thin legs. The same rule will apply to the dining table as well.

A bed with a headboard that looks simple in design is perfect furniture for small spaces

Align Furniture With The Walls

To make the most of your small area, you can stick the edges of your furniture to the walls. This will not only create cleaner lines but will also free up a lot of space in the center of the room to roam around freely.

Start with keeping the bookcases, display cabinets, chest of drawers, and other decorative storage attached to the wall. Having a wall mount for your television and a bench built below the window are also smart tricks to adopt. Certain furniture creates a hovering effect that elevates the visual space availability in the room.

Mix And Match Your Furniture

Who said you could not use dining chairs in your bedroom, or low seating like a stool or a hand-knitted chowki in your dining area?

How To Choose Furniture For Small Spaces

Just because certain pieces are conventionally used in specific areas should not be a barrier to their usage for another purpose.

Try And Experiment With Your Furniture

Your crockery sideboard can be used as a living room showcase. A patio bench can also be used as an addition to the dining chairs in the dining area.

Use Multipurpose Furniture

Since small space homes come with the unsaid restriction of storage area available, it is a smart choice to use furniture that can double up as storage solutions as well.

Always shop for coffee tables that come with matching low stools that can be easily tucked under them. You can also upcycle trunks and use it as a coffee table.

Ottomans with storage space is also a good seating alternative with a hidden storage area.

Ethnic low seating options like hand-knitted chowkis can also be tucked under a tall bed that can be pulled out in case extra casual seating is needed.

How To Choose Furniture For Small Spaces

Convertible Furniture

Convertible furniture is a great space-saving option. Imagine a couch cum bed that you can lounge on all day, and transform into a bed to sleep in at night.

You can also use your dresser as a nightstand.

Use Light Weight Furniture

Easily movable furniture that is also multipurpose in usage is excellent for small spaces.

To conclude, to create an illusion of higher space availability, you can segment a single room into two. Always use a sleek divider to partition rooms.