How To Pick Your Perfect Designer Handbag

REME May 21, 2019

Designer handbags are undisputedly one of the earliest fashion crushes of all women. Thanks to celebrities swaying around fashionably with this glamorous accessory by their side, and growing up watching ladies tagging this along with everywhere they went; women designer handbags have imprinted itself as a must-have fashion accessory in our minds. And it is rightfully so!

How To Pick Your Perfect Designer Handbag

Blue Velvet Party Hand Bag For Women (PARAG1)

It is easy to obsess over these alluring accessories. But when you think about it, not all handbags you see out there will complement your style.


How To Pick Your Perfect Designer Handbag

Brown and White Cotton Tote Bag For Women (NOOR1)

A handbag is the most basic and first noticed part of your outfit. It does not matter whether you are out on the streets frolicking on a regular day, or walking down the office aisle upping your power dressing game, the perfect pick of designer handbag can accentuate the style quotient of your ensemble ten-fold.

How To Pick Your Perfect Designer Handbag

Red and White 100% Cotton Tote Bag For Women (Leaf Bag)

So, are you wondering how to pick the best handbag for you? Do not worry, and we have you covered. Let us explore these 5 top tips to keep in mind to choose the best designer handbag:

Style Is Comfort

Haven’t we heard them all say that! From your real-life style icon to your favorite celebrity on fashion talk shows, everyone has one statement in ordinary when it comes to defining their sense of style –it has to be comfortable!

How To Pick Your Perfect Designer Handbag

Women Blue Party Bag (PARAG2)

So, why should a handbag be left behind? A good design is always comfortable. Most women designer handbags dazzle brighter than the stars in the night sky, but are they worth it?

How To Pick Your Perfect Designer Handbag

Women Embroidered Jute Multipurpose Bag (BINDU)

Great looks are a waste if the bag cannot accommodate your comfort needs. Before you decide on taking your pick, carefully study the strap’s style, design, material, and length. If you love hanging your bag on your shoulder, these attributes are a must to check on. Stud and metal adornments can sometimes cause a tear in your outfit, or worse hurt your skin.

A Good Handbag Is Not Heavy To Lift

Exactly how much stuff a woman carries in her handbag, the world will never know! From little trinkets to heavy tablets and books, everything a woman might need on the go finds a home in her designer handbag. It is best to stick to bags made with lightweight fabrics like cotton and jute, especially if you are shopping for women designer handbags online where you cannot try out your bag first.

The Structure Is Just Right

Handbags come in all shapes and sizes. Big or small, trapeze or tote, we all have our pick when it comes to our arm candy! Oversized bags are great but not convenient to carry.

How To Pick Your Perfect Designer Handbag

Women Jute Tote Bag with Leather Strap (MAZE)

The right shape and size are just as important as the choice of fabric of the handbag. Ideally, rectangular shaped and tote handbags are great to carry on the go.

Versatility Is The Flavor Of The Season

While there are handbags made for specific occasions, as a general rule, every woman must have at least one handbag in her effortlessly versatile closet. Day or night, work or play, there must always be that one handbag that is every girl’s best friend.

An excellent versatile design is:

• Dressy enough yet matches your work ensemble.
• Basic enough for your casual outfits.
• It comes in a neutral tone of beige, white, or grey.

Some women designer handbags online portray light floral embroidery that equally compliments a beach day with friends or a trip to your nearest supermarket. Gorgeous embellished bags decorated with sequins and mirrors are as great for a night at the club as it is for a family lunch.

How Many Pockets Are Enough?

This one is much more personal than others while some ladies are comfortable with a single compartment bag, for others, the more, the merrier! Ideally, even if a bag is a separate compartment design, it should have enough room for all your stuff.

How To Pick Your Perfect Designer Handbag

Zari Tote Bag for Women (ZIA)

The perfect handbag has all the above attributes in one single significant piece of art. Your handbag speaks volumes about your personality and sense of style. Happy handbag shopping, ladies!