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Furniture is an integral part of your home decor. The right pieces of furniture make your home more welcoming and warmer. Whether you’re buying a new home or looking to redecorate an existing one, REME has a wide range of homemade wooden furniture to turn your house into a paradise.

While buying furniture might seem easy, but with time running out and expectations high, it can turn into a cumbersome process. The busy lifestyle of the 21st century doesn’t give you enough time to shop for your favorite pieces of furniture at a local store or customize furniture per your home’s needs. With an online furnishing store by REME, you can shop for your favorite home furniture items that are available in a variety of colors, designs, sizes, and great prices. With so much variety, you can find a piece that fits into your home decor theme. Want to know, what’s even best! The ability to shop at your convenience.

Whether you are amidst a meeting or enjoying a weekend tour or watching your favorite movie, take out your smartphone, and browse through our exclusive range of home furniture online, and order at the comfort instantly.

Explore Solid Wooden Furniture Online at Best Prices

Wooden furniture has unmatched beauty and elegance. It becomes more relevant when the wooden furniture is handmade i.e. manufactured using traditional handicraft techniques and skills.

We have the widest collection of solid wood furniture online available in different colors, designs, and patterns. Our furniture is designed to meet the demand of modern spaces without compromising the traditional handicraft techniques of India. Our exclusive range of beautifully crafted handmade wooden charpai is the perfect element of comfortable seating in your living room. The use of cotton to knit unique designs and bring out varying color combinations is the best attraction point in this product. It is available in different sizes to fit into any setting of your home. A similar range of wooden chowki is also available for low-sitting.

We also have a special product for your kid’s bedroom – soft and comfortable kids sofa. We understand your worries regarding your kids’ safety. Hence, our organic cotton kids sofa is as soft as a feather with comfortable cushioning that lets your kids curl-up without getting hurt. Again, it is available in different colors to match the décor of your kid’s bedroom.

We also have a drool-worthy collection of designer poufs in multiple colors and embroidery patterns.

Buy the Best Living Room Furniture Online at Unbelievable Prices

Our products are high in quality and comfort. You can never get enough of the unique embroidery and patterns used in our furniture designs. Not only you, but your guests will also be impressed by your choices in home furnishing.

From exquisite wooden benches for living rooms and wooden chowkis to organic kids’ sofa and durable poufs, find everything online at REME.

The kids furnishing available on our site makes your space lively and gives a complete protection to your kids. Your kids can jump and play on these sofas without the least bit of concern. The soft cushioning and protective material are built to last.

The sofas are not the only furnishing item which one would end up loving in our range of products. The awesome hand-knitted chowkis are here to fit into any type of home setting. They are small and convenient that you can carry with yourself wherever you want to sit and relax. They can add an antique style element to your modern home furniture.

Revamp your Home – Explore and Buy Handcrafted Home Furniture Online

Our sole aim is to give you products that are nothing less than perfect. With high-quality products, variety, ease of shopping, multiple categories, on-time delivery, and easy returns, we strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.
Create a mix of modern and traditional furniture at your home by buying our homemade wooden furniture line.

Create a theme in your living room by matching the wooden benches and chowkis with your existing home décor. The lightweight but amazingly sturdy furnishing will leave your modern home feeling like the classic Indian living place. The best thing about our home furnishing products is the ease of cleaning. Dusting off the furniture itself and lifting it for vacuuming is a single hand effort. So, why wait? Explore our wooden furniture range and choose your favorite now!

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