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REME Lifestyle’s traditionally inspired collection of wooden Charpai online is especially crafted to add a touch of ethnic charm and elegance to your living space.

A Charpai, Charpaya, Khat or Manji (Hindi: चारपाई, Bengali: চারপায়া, Urdu (چارپائی), Saraiki, Punjabi; char “four” + Paya “footed”) is a single bed/cot in design and features abundantly in the traditional furniture of Rajasthani art culture. If you are someone who appreciates ethnic artistic masterpieces and wants a piece of world culture in their home interiors, our handcrafted Rajasthani wooden khatiya will be a great addition to your exotic collectibles. REME Lifestyle’s wooden Charpai collection features cots made from genuine and high-quality Acacia wood. These old-fashioned wooden khatiya (cots) are unapologetically rustic and functionally modern.

Our furniture is painstakingly handcrafted by master artisans and knitted to perfection with durable cotton Dori threads in low-key hues of beige and black, beautifully highlighted with vibrant hues in a dual-toned diagonal striped pattern. Our Charpais can be placed effortlessly in any part of your home. Their convenient design makes them a great choice for anyone who wishes to maximize limited space aesthetically.

The frame of Charpai is usually made of lightweight wood, typically with the likes of Acacia wood. The rope or fabric is essentially made of natural materials like organic cotton. All our quality wooden Charpai products are knitted with cotton Dori.

The Growing Use of Charpai as Spa Beds and Sun Beds

In the wake of conscious lifestyle people are moving more into organic and sustainable ways of leading life. This is one of the major reasons why organic wooden based Charpais with knitted cotton Dori are increasingly being adopted and used for health and fitness benefits. These are a great all-natural (zero application of synthetic and chemical materials) alternative to modern spa beds and sun beds and have great value to offer. Occupying farmhouses, porch areas, outhouses, and even the living room settings, these are popular with the modern households all over.

Because Charpai has many health and environmental advantages over the other beds, it is becoming popular with people following a sustainable lifestyle. You can get proper blood circulation, relief from pain, better sleep, and maintained acidic balance in your body going with the wooden Charpai bed. Besides, it is made of Acacia wood which is durable and strong and costs you much lesser than its urban counterparts.

Health Benefits of Using Charpai Bed

  • Charpai maximizes the ventilation and prevents heat and humidity from interrupting sleep.
  • Sleeping on Chaprai helps in improving blood circulation and improve the digestive system.
  • Organic cotton Dori used in Charpai is skin-friendly and adjustable to the human body which reduces back pain and other body pain issues.
  • It helps in Relief from Heartburn/Acid Reflux.
  • It Relieves Shoulder and Neck Stress.
  • It helps to get relief from Asthma and breathing problems.
  • Charpai also makes a great daybed for napping, resting and socializing.
  • Charpai is an organic alternative to modern spa beds and makes for a great massage bed option.

Here is a list of qualities you should look for when buying Charpai online:


If you are scouting around for single cots that are unlike the regular ones you see in average homes, these traditional single-bed Rajasthani Charpais are the right choice for you.


Like any other piece of furniture you would buy, Charpais too are expected to last a good time. Wood Charpais crafted from durable wood are made to last for years with minimal wear and tear.


Rajasthani wooden khatiya, with their convenient rectangular design are comfortable cots. These are especially suited in verandahs, porches and kid’s rooms. These are any day an exquisite furniture option for your contemporary or retro home design.


From porches to living rooms, and bedrooms to gazebos, Charpais are easily portable, and can double up as both seating furniture and beds. Buy Rajasthani wooden Charpai online only on REME Lifestyle today.

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