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Buy Wooden Back-Rest Charpai Sun Spa Bed Online

Reme Lifestyle offers the finest collection of organic Charpai beds to furnish your homes with traditional concept furniture. With this, we produce an impeccable range of wooden cots that are made to deliver an authentic traditional feel of unit beds that blend well with modern homes.

Extending this collection to the next level of lifestyle utility, we have introduced the Charpai bed with adjustable headrest. This has the same health and lifestyle benefits as offered by our standard organic wooden beds, with the added back-support feature. This makes it work as a great choice for a home sunbed, poolside bed, sun lounger daybed, garden day bed, or a spa massage bed.

Home sunbed and garden furniture made organically

The frames of the Charpai beds are made with quality Acacia wood that is procured from our material processing facility. This further takes in the fine organic cotton to produce the ropes that form the support.

These hand-crafted organic cots with backrest offer natural comfort and therapeutic benefits. Created all sustainably using sustainable material and supplies, these keep your body relaxed, calmed, and kneaded doing a lot of good to your physical health.

As these have no harmful chemicals and are completely free from any AZO-toxins, these are good with any skin-type and with kids around. Spending more time with these organic wooden sun loungers or spa beds, you can get relieved from backache, neck stress, insomnia, acidic imbalance, and get better blood circulation.

A multipurpose organic concept-furniture

Our new back-rest sunbed range serving the segment of the functional wooden charpai beds is an innovative way to use wooden cots to relax under the sun, spend some quiet time with self, get to experience that countryside feel, and have the authentic Rajasthani charpai meal at home.

Use it as wooden garden furniture to spend your fun time with friends or make it your outdoor furniture sunbed to make your Sunday reading a pleasing self-indulgence experience. It works every way!

In addition to that, these hand-crafted beds can be an authentic way to serve the traditional style lounge setup perfectly delivering its purpose of outmoded rustic furniture. Which gets an interesting folkloric getup to your drawing layout.

We have a vast range of organic sunbeds and spa beds that are available in a variety of colors and styles to suit different arrangements. So, you can have these best working with your choice of home styling both for the living room and the outdoors.

A growing part of the modern culture

As the modern world is learning and endorsing the value and benefits of organic produces, sustainably created sunbeds are highly being adopted to replace the artificially made and processed furniture.

Anything that is close to nature and ecologically derived has a better acceptance with conscious and progressive societies. This is the reason our spa beds make a great culture statement with its all-organic sustainable traits.

Besides, this exclusive range of sunbeds is a great way to add to the furnishing value of your home. These traditional-style wood beds with understated suburban appeal and rustic feel revive the act of outmoded home furnishing.

To keep this trend going we keep the latest designs and ideas adding to our collection of organic outdoor furniture online.

Variety of use and benefits of Wooden Sunbeds

  • The head-rest spa beds can help you get relief for pain with its therapeutic design.
  • These make for the best massage beds you can use for Ayurvedic massages and sunbaths.
  • These outdoor beds can be a great way to get you a sound sleep in fresh natural air.
  • As outdoor garden furniture, it can receive guests in an authentic traditional style.
  • It works as a wooden outdoor furniture to spend quiet comfortable time alone in the open greens.
  • A great organic alternative to the overused artificial spa beds you see everywhere.
  • The organic cotton Doris makes it prevent heat and humidity and get you great laid-back comfort.
  • Its health-oriented design and all-organic built to make it relieve you from body pains and breathing problems.

It has all the benefits of the traditional cots. It prevents heartburns, acid reflux, improves blood circulation, and assists digestion.

Having a wooden Charpai bed from Reme Lifestyle assures you of the best value product that is built with authentic material and standard measurements. Available in many colors and styles, you can get these to suit your contemporary garden furniture set up or add to the traditional feel of your living room interiors. You can check out offers on the site to get discounts on the sunbed prices and get sunbeds for sale to get more value of these high-quality organic household furniture. So, you keep close with nature’s goodness while adding to your sustainable lifestyle value with our exclusive offering that keeps high on trends.

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