Small Space Living Room Furniture You Will Fall In Love With

REME Mar 26, 2020

Looking for small space living room decorating ideas? If yes, you’ve reached the right place.

Decorating a small living space can be challenging but don’t let the space constraint stop you from designing a beautiful living space. No matter how small your living area is, you can make it more attractive by choosing the right piece of living room furniture.

To save you from all the brain-storming, we are sharing some amazing living room furniture that you can include in your small living spaces.

Living Room Furniture For Your Small Living Spaces

  • Lap Poufs

The living room is all about comfort and relaxation. Hence, you must use furnishing items that add to the warmth of the living room, like lap poufs. Lap poufs are low-sit charming softballs that can easily fit into any corner of your home. You can sit, read, study, and even work while relaxing on a lap pouf.

Small Space Living Room Furniture You Will Fall In Love With

You can buy lap poufs online in striking colors, prints, and patterns. You can place it near the empty corner near your window and spend your weekends relaxing on it and reading your favorite book.

  • Poufs and Ottomans

Small living spaces struggle with restricted space. So, you must avoid heavy and large pieces of living room furniture. For instance, you can replace your oversized coffee table with some colorful ottomans. Ottomans are a versatile piece of home furnishing. You can use this furniture in a myriad of creative ways.

Small Space Living Room Furniture You Will Fall In Love With

– Use it as an additional seating arrangement when you have extra guests.

– Use it as a coffee table, display magazines or place your snacks or drinks on it.

– Use them as a decorative piece of furnishing. To save space, tuck them below your sofa or couch when not in use.

– Use them as a footrest to rest your feet after a long tiring day.

  • Side Tables and Stools

Beautiful nest side tables and stools are an attractive home furnishing item for a living room. These stools and tables can easily slide away under your couch or sofa to create more visual space. When required, you can use them to place drinks, snacks, and other items when you have guests. Being smaller in size than a chair, they cover less portion of your living room.

Small Space Living Room Furniture You Will Fall In Love With

Buy stools for your living room considering its size and décor theme. You can buy modern stools online in contemporary shapes and designs. If you are a fan of vintage style furniture, you can go for vintage style stools online. These hand-knitted tools are generally made of natural materials like cotton and recycled plastic. They can also serve as a piece of accent furniture.

  • Bean Bags

Bean bags are a must-have furnishing for modern and contemporary home designs. They are highly functional and fit for studio apartments and small living rooms due to their mobility. You can place them anywhere in your home – verandah, balcony, living room, bedroom, kids’ room, etc.

You can also carry them with you wherever you go. This makes them an ideal piece of furniture for smaller living areas. Use them as an extra seating arrangement when you have planned a friends’ get-together. When not in use, simply place them on your balcony.

Small Space Living Room Furniture You Will Fall In Love With

But did you know that you can keep your bean bags new forever by buying gorgeous and beautiful bean bag covers online? No need to dispose of your old bean bags or buy new ones, when you can simply give them a renewed look by changing their upholstery.

  • Upholstered Benches

Wooden upholstered benches can be a stylish addition to your small living room. Instead of a full-size couch, you can place a stylish wooden bench and decorate it with upholstery or slipcover. You can also use these benches as a dining table chair when required. Wooden benches are a multi-functional piece of modern home décor that can add a new look and definition to your home.

Small Space Living Room Furniture You Will Fall In Love With

  • Lounge Chairs and Kids’ Sofa

If your living room space allows, you can incorporate a comfortable lounge chair in eye-catching color in the room. Lounge chairs can not only serve as a seating arrangement but also work as an accent in your living room. Add that wow factor in your living area with a lounge chair. If you have kids, you can consider buying a kids’ sofa instead of the lounge. Kids’ sofas are exclusively designed considering the needs of children. The use of soft and natural fiber ensures that it is skin-friendly.

Small Space Living Room Furniture You Will Fall In Love With

Some Additional Tips to Decorate your Small Living Room

Apart from buying the best pieces of furniture for your small living room, you must follow some tips as well to make the most out of the space.

  • Try white-on-white interior. It can help you create a calming mood and make space look brighter and large. Use colorful cushions and blankets to add some colors.
  • Textured fabric and upholstery look good in a small living room. Go for textured cushion covers, sofas, blankets, and rugs to bring that effect.
  • Add some beautiful window plants in the living area to bring a vivaciousness to space.
  • Place the sofa closer to the wall to leave extra space in the middle.
  • Make complete use of the corners. Use side tables, wall hangers, hanging shelves, and cabinets to fill the empty spaces.
  • Add decorative mirrors on the wall to make the space look visually stunning and larger. Pro tip: place the mirror behind the sofa for more effect.
  • Go for light colors on the wall to allow more light to penetrate into the room. The better the light, the larger space looks.


Decorating a small living area is not a cumbersome task if you know the right type of living room furniture to use and the right way to place the items. Space should never restrict your imagination and creativity when it comes to home décor.

You can decorate your smaller living rooms with ease by using the aforementioned multifunctional pieces of living room furniture. Just ensure that you don’t overdo anything. Keep the space clutter-free, tidy, and neat.