Tips to Keep Your Cotton Kurtis New

REME Sep 23, 2019

Cotton Kurtis is one of the most evergreen pieces of Indian clothing. You can wear them in soaring temperatures, thanks to its moisture absorption ability. Or, you can pair them with heavy cardigans during the chilly winter season. The demand for cotton Kurtis makes them available both offline and online.

What Makes Cotton So Lovable?

Cotton is absorbent and hence is excellent for moisture control. Its ability to absorb liquid from your body helps you to cut moisture buildup between your clothes and your skin. Cotton is a versatile fabric. You can wear it throughout the year despite the changes in temperature. Though people prefer it in summers, it can also provide insulation during the chilly season. Cotton can trap air between fabric fibers and do not stick to your body. It is also hypoallergenic. It rarely causes any allergy. Dermatologists recommend people with hyper-sensitive skin to wear clothes made from cotton fabric.

Cotton Kurtis stick longer compared with other synthetic fiber Kurtis. But, you need to ensure that you are taking good care of your cotton.

  • How To Take Care Of Your Cotton Kurtis?

Cotton Kurtis can either be 100% pure cotton or a blend. If you own pure cotton Kurtis, then you must be aware of a few tips to take care of them. Pure cotton is very durable, and you can wear it many times if you give proper care.

Tips to Keep Your Cotton Kurtis New

Designer cotton Kurtis is more delicate than simple ones due to heavy embroidery and work.

  • Prefer Hand-washing Instead Of Quick Machine-wash

For cotton, prefer gentle washing, mostly with hands.

Wash them in warm or cold water to prevent fading and shrinking. Avoid washing in hot water, as it may shrink the cotton. Use a mild detergent or cottage soap to wash the clothes clean. As a rule of thumb, refer the garment label for care instructions.

Tips to Keep Your Cotton Kurtis New

When manufacturers use natural colors to dye fabrics, clothes are prone to bleed color. Natural pigments don’t take to the fabric as evenly as synthetic colors. Soaking such fabrics in saltwater, per popular notion, will not work. It can further lead to color leaching.

  • Never Dry In Direct Sunlight

Do not dry cotton Kurtis in the sunlight directly. The harsh UV rays from sunlight can fade away the color and even shrink the fabric. However, you can put your white clothes under direct sunlight, ensure to take them back as soon as they are dry.

Dry your cotton Kurtis in the shade or lightly heat them with a dryer.

  • No Need For Drycleaning

As opposed to silk, cotton Kurtis doesn’t need dry cleaning. Chemicals used in dry cleaning can result in color leaching and loss of shine. However, you can send them for dry cleaning once in a blue moon or case of urgency.

  • Say No To Fabric Softeners

Softeners can add a fresh scent to any fabric and keep them as good as new. In the case of cotton Kurtis, softeners don’t play a huge role. If misused, they might stain your cotton. Instead of softeners, try using organic soaps. They naturally keep the fabric soft and add years to your Kurtis’ life.

Tips to Keep Your Cotton Kurtis New

  • Ironing and Drying Tips

Cotton can develop wrinkles quickly. You probably cannot save your cotton Kurtis from getting wrinkled. But, you can minimize wrinkles by not completely drying them under the sun.

Iron them while they are still a little damp. While it’s great if you have a steam iron, else you can use a spray bottle to damp them during ironing occasionally. While ironing Kurtis with details like buttons, embroidery, or sequins, iron them inside-out.