What is Charpai Bed? Amazing Health Benefits of Sleeping on a Charpai Bed

REME Mar 19, 2020

Are you a fan of traditional Indian furnishing items? If yes, then you must know about the traditional charpai bed which is largely used as a piece of accent furniture in traditional style living rooms.

But did you know that the basic charpai bed is more than just a furnishing item?

The traditional charpai bed has been used for sleeping in rural areas for centuries. But their use is not limited to the rural consumers as many urban households too include Charpai in their modern home décor – sometimes as a nostalgic piece of furnishing item and sometimes to promote healthy and peaceful sleep.

This blog covers – What is a Charpai or Charpai bed? How can it be used in the home décor? What are the health benefits of the Charpai?

What is a Charpai Bed?

The Charpai (Hindi: चारपाई; Urdu: چارپائی) bed has a special place in India’s rich cultural history. It is one of the earliest forms of Indian furnishing and has stood the test of time. Till now, it is demanded and purchased by people to serve different purposes.

It basically is a traditional Indian handwoven bed. It literally translates to ‘four-footed’. As the name suggests, it has four wooden legs and a frame on which the rope is tied in an interlocking manner. It is also known as ‘charpoy’, ‘charpaya’, ‘khatiya’, ‘Khatt’, or ‘manji’. It can also serve as the perfect spa bed or sunbed.

What is Charpai Bed? Amazing Health Benefits of Sleeping on a Charpai Bed

It is popular in countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and other neighboring countries. Its global reach and popularity are believed to be a result of the British empire and colonization of India. It is also believed that the British themselves brought the charpai into Europe. Here, it was used as British Colonial Day Beds.

The charpai is also known as the Indian rope bed due to the rope pattern. It is described as a bed with four legs that are connected by four staves and has a plaited rope surface in between. The frame is usually made of lightweight wood like Acacia and mango. While the rope is made of natural fibers like jute, cotton, coir, and even dried leaves.

The use of Charpai Bed in Home Decor

Traditional home décors boast of elements and décor accessories that represent a particular era. Wooden furniture with beautiful and intricate carvings is a common sight in traditional-style home decors. If you have decorated your home in traditional Indian style, then you can easily incorporate the charpai bed in your home décor theme.

You can use it as a spa bed for deep relaxation therapies that rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. You can also decorate a traditional style outdoor seating area near your porch or garden. Place a charpai bed at the shady corner of your garden and decorate it with throw pillows and cushions. For a more attractive look, you can place a rug beneath the bed and place wooden benches and ottomans around it. It can be your private retreat during the summer season. The use of cotton in the rope bed facilitates quick moisture absorption during summers and thus helps you feel fresh and cool for a longer time.

What is Charpai Bed? Amazing Health Benefits of Sleeping on a Charpai Bed

During winters, you can use the charpai bed as a sunbed and enjoy your Sundays relaxing over the comfortable bed.

Modern home decors can also include the charpai bed in their living rooms, guest rooms, and porch, balcony or verandah settings. The traditional bed can act as an antique item in your modern home décor. And you can always use it for other purposes as well as a spa bed or sunbed.

The Amazing Health Benefits of a Charpai Bed

Rajasthani charpai bed or khatiya is not only an ethnic masterpiece that can enhance your traditional style homes but offers a host of health benefits as well.

  • Better Digestion

The primary benefits of sleeping on a charpai – improved blood circulation and better digestion. Mostly the charpai is designed in a way that the head and legs of the person are slightly elevated. This ensures sufficient blood circulation in the stomach that helps the organs perform their functions steadily.

  • Extremely Skin-friendly, Especially For Kids

The Charpai is knitted using natural fibers and materials like cotton. As we know, cotton is very safe, anti-allergic, and anti-bacterial. Nowadays, children suffer the most due to poor eating habits and exposure to harmful materials. A Charpai is not only safe for your kids to use but also protects them from skin allergies and other bacterial skin conditions.

  • Relief From Heartburn or Acid Reflux

Stomach related issues like indigestion, constipation, heartburn or acid refluxes are a result of poor sleeping habits and poor digestion. Your sleep majorly depends on the right posture. The Charpai helps you maintain the right body posture during sleep. A right posture facilitates better digestion and thus reduces stomach related issues.

  • Get Rid of Insomnia

Insomnia is an increasing concern among urban consumers, especially teenagers. The stress of career and education takes a heavy toll on the quality of sleep of children and students. A nice bed can help them doze off faster. Charpai with its unique build and natural fibers helps improve sleep quality and reduce insomnia symptoms.

  • Alternative for Modern Spa Beds

Charpai is a great alternative for modern spa beds. You can feel cooler and relaxed for a longer period on a Charpai as compared to the modern spa beds. Many ayurvedic retreat centers use Charpai and other natural surfaces to give body massage to their clients due to their calming and relaxing techniques.

  • Better Sleep Posture

The Charpai is designed to help you improve your sleep posture. On a typical mattress, maintaining the right sleep posture is difficult. Even if you find the right mattress it can be out of your budget. A Charpai is a budget-friendly sleeping bed that offers you unimaginable benefits.

  • Get Rid of Back Pain and Shoulder Pain

Back pain, shoulder, and neck pain are a result of poor sleeping posture. A Charpai can help you get rid of these excruciating pains and help you enjoy a healthy and fit body.

No matter how you include a Charpai bed in your home décor theme – whether as an accent piece or a healthy sleeping alternative for kids and elderly, the Charpai is a very cost-effective way of staying healthy.