Wooden Charpai Bed: A Traditional Touch To Your Modern Living Space

REME Sep 16, 2019

When it comes to interior designing, you can pick from various design themes like – Bohemian, Contemporary, Traditional, Electric, Industrial, Victorian, and Modern Furniture. Unless you are not a fan of one particular design, you can also create a mix of modern and traditional furniture style. One such furniture piece that can add a traditional flavor to your living room is a – wooden charpai bed.

When you mix contemporary and traditional furniture styles, you free yourself from the labels of creating an individualized space. Furnishing your home should be driven by your style. Creating a mix of both styles can sometimes be tricky. You should not aim to strike a balance between both as it will make your house look clumsy. Instead, you can let one style dominate.

Wooden Charpai Bed: A Traditional Touch To Your Modern Living Space

For example you can adopt a modern furniture look with a pinch of traditional style. A charpai bed is a perfect addition to your otherwise modern living space. It is an ideal way to add an Indian touch to your home décor.

Wooden charpai bed: A quick history

A wooden charpai was everybody’s favorite piece of furniture in homes and courtyards, during the ancient period. According to an interpretation, ‘char’ in a charpai means four and ‘pai’ refers to feet. Its design includes a frame with four vertical posts connected by four horizontal members. The single bed or cot is a persistent feature in the traditional furniture of Rajasthan’s art culture. A charpai is compact, storable, economical, and portable. It does not cover much space and can easily be shifted from one place to another.

The making of a wooden charpai needs not only carpentry skills but also outstanding manual dexterity. Experienced makers can weave the chords very swiftly and can simultaneously create patterns in the weave.

A wooden charpai will be a great addition to your exotic collection.

It can add a touch of elegance and ethnic charm to your living space.

Why would you love it?

The visual attributes of a Rajasthani charpai add style to your otherwise sophisticated living space. You will feel attracted to it because of its color, unique vintage look, shape, and design. Your guests will get the impression that you are still attached to your traditional roots.

Wooden Charpai Bed: A Traditional Touch To Your Modern Living Space

These wooden benches are available in plenty of designs and color combinations to perfectly match your home’s interiors. The ropes of the cot are generally built with cotton. Thus, they are durable and can handle any weight without trouble.

The one thing that you will love the most about them is – comfort. These benches are high in comfort scale. They are very easy to carry. Older adults will enjoy it more due to their simplicity and ease.

You can pick a wooden charpai based on the look and feel of your home. However, modern trends call for contrasting appearance. People love to mix and match their furniture to strike a contrast in their homes.

Remember, mixing traditional furniture with modern can create chaos if not appropriately planned. Like we said at the beginning of this blog, you can let one style dominate and use others for accent.

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