4 Tips for a Kid-friendly Home Decor

REME Jun 11, 2019

Your children are your life. They complete your family, and you couldn’t be more grateful for them. We can all agree that our little ones can be quite a handful at times. It feels like there are only two types of things in the world for parents – kid friendly and non-kid friendly! More than often, your children can have quite an influence on your home décor. From shopping for kids sofas online to searching for skin-friendly upholstery, we have all been there!

Black Organic Cotton Kid’s Sofa

4 Tips for a Kid-friendly Home Decor

Here are four tips that will help you make your home kid-friendly and free of clutter at all times:

Clean Up Stains The Right Way

Let us start with the paint first. It does not matter how lightning fast you can reach the wall stains with your wet wipes, and there are always going to be some stains on your formerly spotless walls made by your kid’s grubby hands. The right thing to do is to pick washable paints for your interior walls. Washable paints are a great option; you can easily wipe off any dirt stains irrespective of when your child puts them on the wall.

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4 Tips for a Kid-friendly Home Decor

Always Select Family-Friendly Furniture

The ideal furniture option for a home with younger children is to opt for fabric sofas. Most fabric sofas these days come with covers that can be easily washed in machines. Fabric covered sofas are the best for you. These are one of the highest selling kids sofas online and in stores, thanks to their features of versatility and ease of maintenance. Being able to wash the cover whenever you wish will also save you a lot of heavy-bill trips to the dry cleaners.

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4 Tips for a Kid-friendly Home Decor

If you are looking for fabric sofas online that are also kid proof, it will be a great idea to choose grey as your fabric color. Grey easily covers up the regular wear and tear of furniture. It is also hassle-free to brighten up a grey sofa with soft plush cushions in eye-catching pop colors and bold design.

If you are buying a kids sofa specifically for their room, I’d suggest sticking to sunny colors. A lovely red, dark royal blue, and vibrant yellow will make your kid fall in love with their sofa and want to take care of it themselves without you having to worry much about it.

Keep Home Accents Out Of Reach

Yes, a lovely, spick and span home is not only about pristine walls and family-friendly furniture alone. It is equally necessary to keep expensive and breakable accents out of your kid’s reach. The reverse is surprisingly true as well. Sometimes, we can use our home décor to protect our children from things that can hurt them. Let’s say, and it is a great idea to use high display units to hold heavy artifacts and figurines that might not only break when carelessly handled but also pose a danger of injury to your little ones if it falls on them accidentally.

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4 Tips for a Kid-friendly Home Decor

This will also make your living space look a little roomier; an excellent attribute for your living space, especially when you have your little darlings running around with their toy box all day.

Storage Is Important

I wish there were something to keep those toys from being scattered all around the house! Unfortunately, genies are not real, and like every other mom on the planet, you have to handle picking up the toys once your little kid is done throwing them around during playtime.

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4 Tips for a Kid-friendly Home Decor

The right way to deal with this situation is to keep things tidy with adequate storage boxes. If you do not have one, don’t panic. Storage boxes are now easily available in adorable designs and colors, specially crafted for children. And if you are more of a DIY mum, you can make woven baskets on your own as well. Many tutorials on the Internet will guide you on storage box DIY. Nowadays, there are storage footstools available in the market. These versatile pieces of storage double up as small furniture as well.

To conclude, from buying kids sofas online to earning extra style tips with functional storage footstools, these are only a few tips that will help you keep your home décor kid-friendly, uncluttered and clean.